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What is Custom Scenario Paintball?

Custom Scenario Paintball is a paintball game that requires strategy, teamwork, skill, resourcefulness, and endurance to win. Unlike normal paintball games like capture the flag, force on force, etc, you and your team must fulfill mission objectives in order to win.

Custom Scenario Paintball combines the team playing of speedball, the strategy of woodsball, and the excitement and variety of scenario play. Each team begins the match with 5 players on each side. Each side must choose a Team Captain, and then distribute the team’s classes amongst the remaining members. Each team must have 1 Medic Role, 1 Support Role, 1 Recon Role, and the remaining team members play Assault Roles.

Some of the benefits of Custom Scenario Paintball:

  • CSP Games are more organized and objective driven
  • Teamwork is encouraged, and teams must work with each other to fulfill missions
  • Communication among team members is crucial to success
  • Because of ammo restrictions, tactical play is required
  • Each team member must fulfill the duties of their particular role. This forces each team to employ strategies that take advantage of each team members class.




General Rules

Here are the Basic Rules for Custom Scenario Paintball

  • Teams can have up to ten players on each side, as long as teams are even.
  • Teams will be marked by a colored arm band, usually Red vs Blue.
  • Custom Scenario Paintball is SEMI-AUTO only. Support players have the option of ramping. They are the only class that can do so.
  • In Custom Scenario Paintball, there are specific “Hit” Rules that dictate what a player should do if they are hit by a paintball.
  • If you are hit, you must raise your hands and call out “Hit!” You then sit down, and wait for your medic to bandage you. Once you are bandaged you may continue the fight.
  • If you are hit, and you are wearing a bandage, you are automatically out. Also, if your medic is already out, then you must walk out after being hit.
  • Custom Scenario Paintball also comes with another added strategic layer of depth to it’s gameplay, and that is the restrictions on ammo each player has. Each mission is different, and there will be some missions where one side will be allowed more ammo than the other side.
  • In CSP (Custom Scenario Paintball), ammo is a valuable resource, and conserving it is a high priority. Gone are the days where you can spill 1500 paintballs in one match. For most missions you are allowed only ONE filled hopper per game and ONE pod. Sometimes you can add a full pod to your ammo reserve for every player that outnumbers your team if the teams are uneven.
  • Completing mission objectives will sometimes give you access to caches of ammo, which will turn the tide in your favor. Other times, a team member playing the role of the Support Class will allow them to carry extra pods that can be used to refill their teammates ammo.

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